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Ceramic Pipes Company (CPC) was established in 2007 as a Saudi jointed venture limited co. in accordance with the ministry of commerce & Industrial decision to produce the Vitrified Clay pipes and fittings of sizes 150 mm up to 600 mm dia. of the capacity of 60,000 ton /year. The factory located in area 100,000 m2 at the new industrial city, Al-Kharj road south of Riyadh. The near future plan to expand the production capacity to reach 100,000 Ton/year and pipe size up to 1200 mm in vitrified clay pipes. Products of Ceramic Pipes Company are made by the latest modern manufacturing technologies which are controlled by fully automated computer systems, satisfying the local and international markets with demands of pipes and fittings.


At CPC, we give our team the opportunity and duty to choose how they meet their expectations and targets. We firmly accept that individuals play out the best in a free and worker cordial climate. We give a fast-paced environment where there are various chances to learn and develop inside the association. As you work for a developing organization like CPC, there are boundless chances to climb up the career ladder for individuals who have a dream.

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